Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I wrote this on a message board to a woman w/ concerns about homeopathic hcg.

Dear Skeptical about hCG, 

This is just a little testimonial for you.

I researched RXhCG VS. hhCG a lot an chose homeopathic. It has worked wonderfully for me. I tell everyone I can about it and have let many to follow this protocol. Injecting was never attractive to me. Plus, I learned that there are less side effects of homeopathic.

I finished 2 complete rounds and have lost and kept off 52 pounds. I am now 222
and have kept it off very well.

As far as my hhCG experience and maintaining, I am very careful about starch. I only eat a serving or 2 a day and am fine with weight. I have not eaten gluten at all this time on phase three. If I eat too much of the other starchs I gain, so I just keep starch in check. I eat little to no sugar since when I do I FEEL LIKE JUNK. Other than very little starch and sugar, I eat lots of vegis, healthy butter/oils a little fruit and some meat and dairy. I'm eating a BUNCH of calories and have no problems maintaining, except when I eat sugar or too much starch. I always ate whole foods before, but have really, really cut down and made a lifestyle change and feel sooo much better. It feels sooo good not to have the crazy cravings I had before hhCG. I've really changed my life style a lot. I was a MAJOR carb addict before but have since learned that THAT what why
I was so fat.

In a nut shell, I have followed the protocol, stopped gluten, eaten less starch and sugar and have kept the weight off for 8 weeks. So far so good. :)

Good luck w/ your concerns. I felt similarly at first, but have since proved myself wrong. :)

Julie Morris.

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