Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Round 2 Phase 4 Day 5 (random thoughts)

I officially ended Phase 3  on Friday and started adding starches and sugar and I am still maintaining!
Yesterday when walking I was so happy to feel so much more energy from a tiny bit of added starch. After about 45 minutes walking I had a sudden urge to sprint. And I did! It felt wonderful! I kind of shocked myself.

I have only 5 more weeks till I can start hCG again!
May 14th I'll begin round 3! 


Last round, I was more reckless and went a bit hog wildon the starches and sugars when I was let out of the comforts of the hcg "pin."

This time I am being way more careful!!!

 Because I have been suspecting that GLUTEN causes me to gain weight, I'm not eating ANY gluten for 2 weeks to see how I do.
 Do you know how much junk you can not eat if you are not eating gluten???

At a party last night that was pot luck, there was not a single dessert I could enjoy.

And I was glad.
 It's sort of masequistic, but I have wished before that I had a real gluten allergy.
 But for now, I'm just going to see how my body does with out it!

I wanted to cry when I woke up to fresh baked coconut almond muffins on Sunday that I had pledged not to eat.
Luckily I was strong and withstood.

After that morning, my husband even promised me he wouldn't grind any more flour for baked goods for that time period for which I am thankful!

 On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I only added ONE serving of starch at lunch time.

Then yesterday (Monday) I added another serving of starch


One serving of organic dark chocolate.


It was delicious, but to my dismay, within 30 minutes I developed a headache and pain right behind my eyes!

How's that for cause and effect!?!?!?

Chocolate and I have a love hate relationship!

I don't think that chocolate will effect the scale, but i MUST remember what it does to my poor little brain!

I felt yuck for several hours, which I DID NOT LIKE....despite the yumminess off that chocolate (and I usually don't even like dark chocolate!)

So today, I'm going to avoid sugar because I don't want another headache....but I can't tell you what I'll do tomorrow!

I suppose I should just stick w/ the chocolate bark made with stevia.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

still here

still happy

still maintaining

still loving p3 food.

still 222. (actually 221.6 today but i love that 222 number. :)

still waiting with anticipation for the time when I can start another round of  hCG!

STILL delighted when i see a picture of myself and i'm a bit taken aback that it's actually me looking so good!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Round 2 Phase 3 Day 15

15 days into phase 3 and i've only had to do one steak day!
That's impressive!
Last round my weight was all over the place!
I've been eating only 2 or 3 ounces of dairy.


must be my golden weight or something!!
(and it's a cool number)

I'm still a sugar addict, but happy to report that I only messed up that ONE time.
I still need to take care of the candida so it doesn't affect me when I start on phase 4, but for now, I'm doing great. I'm just not allowing for any licks so everything is a-o.k.! Since I do long for something sweet, I've started making coconut bark. YUM! It takes less than 10 minutes start to finish.
don't they look delicious!?!?!?
Coconut Chocolate Bark: (my tweaked recipe)
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon salted butter
1 tablespoon cocoa
10 to 20 drops stevia (start small and add to taste.)
1/4 tsp. almond extract (or vanilla or mint or....)
1/4 c. unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 c. chopped pecans
melt oils, stir in cocoa, stevia and extract.
pour into baking cups
sprinkle nuts and coconut into each cup.
place in freezer until hardened

note: these are made w/ PURE stevia, not sugar so don't expect a miracle, 
but boy do they satisfy me when i want a treat....
and what a treat they are!!!!!!
(for those of you on phase 3 not eating starch or sugar.)