Thursday, December 31, 2009

in short....

i did a whole lot of freaking out for no reason!

a few things i learned:
1- weight DOES fluctuate on phase 3!
2- a good rib eye steak is WONDERFUL!
3- TOM causes weight gain before and when he first comes.
4- the old adage is right! EASY COME-EASY GO! Thank goodness. ;)

the very next day I was down 3lbs. 12 oz!
here's what i had:
12 oz. rib eye steak
1 apple
1 grapefruit (only because i was up until  1a.m. traveling and felt light headed)
more than a gallon of water.....
and it worked!

and all was well again! ;0)    phew!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Phase 3 Day 5 Steak Day AGAIN!?!?!?


I thought I aw being a good girl.
Bedtime at 10:30!
More than a GALLON of water!

Following no starch/no sugar......
Under my allowed 2700 cal. 

AND AM UP TO 248.4!!!!!!
That's up  2lbs 12 ounces in one day!

and I weighed myself 3 times to triple check!


Food log from yesterday:
1oz raw cheddar,
2 Fried Eggs in olive oil.
1/2 an eggplant.

1/2 an organic apple.

Chicken Fajita Stuff::
100g. Chicken
1/2  bell pepper
1/2 onion
1tbs  trader joes mayo
1tbs. sour cream
1/2 c. lettuce

1/3 c. Walnuts
3 peanut butter/ cocoa/ powdered milk stevia balls. (the size of a lg. marble.)

Bread Sticks:
1/2 c. broccoli and 1 oz. cheese
1/2 head Cauliflower/
1c. Mozzerella,
1 egg
1 oz Nitrate Free Salami

I'm sad. ;(
 Michelle Bollaert Hess
 Don't be sad, Julie! You are still in the "wild fluctuations" can happen phase! Yeah it sucks...but, it can happen!

Is TOM approaching or, are you ovulating?

Cauliflower, I know you ate it earlier in P3 but, it HAS been know to cause gains in some folks.... See More

Peanut butter... I know a LOT of people eat it during P3 but, peanuts have a LOT of starch.

I'm sure this might not be what you want to hear but... Relax. Do you steak day, lots of water and see what the scale says tomorrow.

P3 is just another part of the process... and something of a learning process as well.

irepeat w/ me. :) i'm not going to freak out...i'm not going to....
i just checked...
TOM will show up any minute! Thanks for reminding me about that. I've only had 1 period (which was last month) in the past 5 years cause I'm usually always pregnant or nursing. Didn't even think about that . Phew! Otherwise...I only had 1tbs. peanut butter and possibly too much salt. Should I still loose weight after a steak day even on TOM??
I'm feeling sooooo much better about this gain.!!!
I'm still going to do a steak day and cut out cheese once again. 
Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phase 3 Day 7 STABILITY.

Starting weight:
Today's weight

Before I started phase 3 I remember hearing people mention that weight fluctuates before it becomes stable.

I've found that to be true!!!

And I've found where my body is stable at.

I never had an accurate L.D.W. (last drop day weight) but i was hovering around 245/246 the last day I took drops (which was Dec. 17th)

I've decided that If I ever go higher than 246 than I get to do a steak day.
I was 246.8 Christmas Eve Morning. 
I ate a MASSIVE LOAD of steak on Christmas Eve.

It was a rib eye....
It was wonderful!
Oh...and I ate 3 deviled eggs my mom said had no sugar...until I got a chunk of sweet pickle relish.

Anyways, I was only down 1/2 a lb after the steak day which put me back at 246.
Phew! Safe!
Today I woke up at 245.6 and feel great! ;)

In other news.....I LOVE P3 foods. Glorious Salads, Cheese Oh la la, BLT's minus the bread, Cauliflower and Butter. Did I mention that I really enjoy butter?

Today I ate an eggplant oven roasted and brushed w/ butter, fresh garlic and onion powder. AMAZING!
And to make it even better, I topped it w/ marinara and Parmesan cheese. WoW!

Another wonderful p3. To eat...Chicken fajitas on lettuce leaves. YUM.
It went down into my happy tummy WAY to fast to even get a picture. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas breakfast BLT
patrick's phase 3 Christmas joy: 
whole milk with stevia

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Phase 3 Day 5 steak day


Starting weight:
Today's weight
+8oz over LDW  
last drops weight

a steak day on christmas eve!?!?!? 

i have been stricktly eating no starch, no sugar and am up quite a few lbs. 

i feel a lot of phlem in the back of my throat and i feel errors:

not drinking enough water (which is a bad one), 

going to bed at 1 a.m. 

i'm paying for it today!

no fancy chef salad for christmas dinner like i planned! steak day instead!!!

i read the protocol: Lots of water, a large steak, a tomato and an apple. 

i hear a rib eye calling my name!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

one hot lookin husband!

i'm gonna get another one of him smiling. ;)  he is looking amazing!!! ...and i liked him before!

The first full day on phase 3 (just no starch, no sugar) was awesome.
Felt great.
Ate and ate and ate....and still had leftover calories to eat to maintain this weight.

100g. new york steak, havarti cheese, 1tbs sour cream, fresh salsa, 3 tomatoes, and a med. avocado. WOW! 
1/4 c. pecans
Organic Apple
Non-starch samples at costco.
A luscious salad with all of the fixings.
Chicken, spinach, lettuce, sprouts, onions, tomatoes, 1/4 avacado, 1 oz cheese
LATE night snack:
(because I was feeling weak during my late night Wal-mart Christmas shopping venture.)
1oz. raw cheddar,  tomato

then and now!!! hooray!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

hCG Phase 3 Day 1

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
31.6 lbs.gone! 
time to maintain!!!

Water:1 gal.
The day of maintenance has begun....and it has been a yummy day!
I'm not going to count calories today since I was on phase 2 until past noon. I'll start that tomorrow.

I looked up how many calories I need to eat to maintain if I am sedentary.

Dang, it seems like a lot!

Nutrition Data told me to consume 2485 kcal!

If I'm moderately active I'll burn 2800 kcal.

THAT'S a whole lot of broccoli,cheese and fish!!!
Other:You may not want to know this so I typed it small. Read with disgression. 
I had diarrhea my body not used to all of the fat and variety of foods?? My tummy was feeling excited alarmed by all of the fun foods i suppose. ;)
Cheating: none.

Woke up: 8:30
Without further adieu, here's my food log for today.
Starting at lunch, because I took my last dose 72 hours of the low calorie diet at noon.
11:00 1 tomato
Lunch 2:00 Beginning of Phase 3!
1 avocado which was melt in my mouth fatty delicious! oh how i missed yummy fats! :)
1tbs olive oil
1tbs. red wine vinegar
bit of cucumber
cup of lettuce
1c. sprouts
salt & pepper
1 small bit of turnip until I realized it was a starch
Snack: 3:30
1oz. yummy cheese.
250 g. wild caught sole w/ fish seasoning

2 tbs Trader Joes Mayo 220 cal
YUM! I scarfed it down...dang yummy! 

Dinner:  6:30

with Cauliflower Crust of course! 
( I got this recipe from the facebook group my hCG)

Phase 3 - Maintenance...
1 cup cooked cauliflower, shredded w a cheese grater
1 egg
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp fennel
1 tsp oregano
2 tsp parsley
**pizza toppings (make sure meats are cooked)
mozzarella cheese
preheat oven to 450 degrees Farenheit.
Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray.
In a medium bowl, combine cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Press evenly on the pan. Sprinkle evenly with fennel, oregano and parsley.
Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes (15-20 minutes if you double the recipe).
Remove the pan from the oven. To the crust, add sauce, then toppings and cheese.
Place under a broiler at high heat just until cheese is melted. 

What I consumed on my 2 slices of I can track calories. :)
3 slices nitrate free salami.
1 egg.

1c. onions/ bell pepper
1/2 c. mozzarella
1 tomato
1/2 c. cauliflower
a few olives
 2 tbs. of TZAZIKI cucumber yogurt sauce
 (which had only 2g. carbs but I realized it had MODIFIED CORN STARCH after eating it! Dang them for using starch fillers in an almost perfectly p3 friendly food!!!! 

Dessert 8:00 .....that is, if you could call it dessert. 
I ate: 1 bite of the apple/stevia/butter/cinnamon dessert my husband concocted! 
The title: 
Sizzling Cinnemon Apples. 

One word description: 
I've used stevia every day for the last 6 weeks in my tea and liked it just fin. 
Today we had it in a dessert for the 1st time....not fine!

Conclusion: {not doing that again!!!}
Bedtime: 10:30

Phase 3 advice.

My facebook post on your hCG....with stuff I want to remember. 

Tomorrow I Start p#3. I'm a bit timid to have more freedom in the eating arena. I did like the advice to focus on protien from Jenny Sevilla. I've got some eggplant parmasan sans breadcrumbs ready for tomorrow! ;0 ) Wait, aren't I supposed to add foods one at a time. Hmmm. Any advice.??? Does anyone know of a good guide for p3 since not much is said in Pounds and Inches?

Jeni Poll Sevilla
No breadcrumbs Julie, not for another 3 weeks anyway.
No sugars, no starches for the first 3 weeks of P3.
Oh, and to answer your question about a good guide for P3, Linda Prinster has a book available on Amazon and I SWEAR by it, for P3 especially. Thelma recommended it to me and I LOVE it! Has a list of all foods and when you can & can't eat them. And it goes by the original protocol which I love of course :)

Julie Zohovetz Morris
ha ha....i THINK sans means without. WITHOUT breadcrumbs. :) It's not breaded. I just put tomato sauce, mozzerella, parmasan and eggplant. i'm worried about eating two cheesed together. ;)

Jeni Poll Sevilla
Thank goodness hahaha! I was afraid when I thought you were planning on eating breadcrumbs for your first P3 meal. Whew....
A lot of people do have problems with cheese when starting P3, not from mixing them, but just from overdoing it. I would just be careful not to use to much.

Michael Hayes
I just started P3 and got the Prinster book. It's been a good resource. For me, it explained a little more about the what and the why of the goal for P3. Also, the book talks about useful topics like: "the difference between P3 and Atkins," etc.

This site has a nice... quick and dirty break down for P3.

Daniel Wall 12 rules I used to get through phase 3

1 eat at least 3 ½ hours before bedtime

2 no sweets / fruits 6 hours before bedtime... See More

3 lots of water

4 lots of protein

5 no sugars / starches for the first 3 week

6 no msg

7 2-3 servings of fruits

8 5-7 servings of veggies

9 eat protein at breakfast / lunch / dinner

10 big breakfast / lunch, small dinner

11 no nitrates

12 eat 4 to 6 times a day

Protein amount per day minimum:

Body weight divided by 2 then divided by 7 = oz s per day minimum


243 and beginning phase 3!!!!

beginning 3 with mixed feelings.

sad not to have the constant loss coming down the road.....

excited to have a chef salad with every vegetable know to man mixed together and topped with homemade ranch!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tuesday, Dec. 15

I'm sooooo sad that my VLCD 42 day round will end this week. This whole week i've been on a horrible platau and haven't lost as I hoped, which happened while I was ovulating. The diet itself has become extremely easy for me, and I wish I could just keep on going to get to my goal for this round. I really feel soooo sat...isfied eating like the protocol says. I feel wonderful. I'm affraid to have more choices once again. I read in P& I about a platau in the 2nd half of phase 2. Well, I'm on it, and it stinks!!! Wahhh! Has anyone ever extended just a little bit? I know the amt. of days it say, but i'm just a bit tempted. Sorry for the rant....feeling a bit dissappointed.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

hCG phase 2 day 32

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
25 lbs.gone!
Loss-1 lb.

Reactions:  Well, the progress report that got sent "home" helped me make a few necessary improvements. I'm finally dropping again! I"m just down to the weight I was on Sunday, but hey, I'll take what I can get!
  1. consistently drinking enough water- check!
  2. getting to bed each night at a reasonable hour- check
  3. remembering to eat all required servings - I just need to eat "on time." lunch :)
  4. keeping fat off of the skin by using food prep gloves-check
  5. continuing to loose weight even during the 5th week- check
  6. having daily bms' i hate being plugged up - check

Looking forward to: deviled eggs (on phase 3)
Woke up: 7:30
HCG:8:30 12 drops
HCG:12:30 12 drops
Snack 1:30 organic fuji apple. yum 

Lunch:4:00 100g. cold chicken breast.
4:45 1 salted chopped cucumber
{Boring...but it's what you get when you don't get around to eating lunch until 4!!!!!} I AM FORGETTING TO EAT ON TIME. WEIRD.
Dinner:Halibut and Onions -

100g. halibut, 1med. onion seasoned w/braggs and FandE creole seasoning. 

this is how i prepare my fish. i cut it into 100g. portions then freeze it. then i pop it into the toaster oven for 30 minutes. yum!

HCG:7:00 12 drops

Snack: 9:00 med. orange.

Bedtime: 10:30

Other: b12
Cheating:none. party and all. go me!

i just brought some delicious junk home for my kids. and this time, i REALLY gave it ALL to my kids. tell me i'm not the only one who has ever pulled that sneeky trick!!

it would usually go something like this:
ME: "oh...can i take some extras home for my husband and kids?"
HOSTESSS: "HeeHeee, oh sure, If you leave it here, I'll have to eat it. Thanks. "
Me: (in the car) chomp chomp, gulp. 

usually SOME was left for the family. This time, all of it was!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hCG phase 2 day 31

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
24 lbs.gone!
(3rd day!!!!)
arrrrg. :0[

Reactions:  If I got a progress report for the past couple of days it would say: needs improvement! I could use improvement in the following areas.
  1. consistently drinking enough water- NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
  2. getting to bed each night at a reasonable hour- NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
  3. remembering to eat all required servings -  NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
  4. keeping fat off of the skin by using food prep gloves-  NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
  5. continuing to loose weight even during the 5th week- NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
  6. having daily bms' i hate being plugged up - NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
I feel very good about most of the things I'm doing, I just need to work on these couple of things. I'm hopping this stall ends soon or I might just have to do my 1st apple day. Is it my fault through little mistakes or just what happens ever couple weeks. I can't decide. I just hope the scale faries visit very soon!!!!

Looking forward to: doing back flips. just kidding! ;) what i am really looking forward to is getting past this weight stall!!!!
Woke up: 8:20
HCG:8:30 12 drops
HCG:12:30 12 drops
Lunch: 1:30 Steak N Spinach "Soup"

- 100g. chuck steak 200g. organic cooked spinach w/ salt and garlic seasoned w/ fresh and easy creole 21 seasonings & braggs, 1c. water
HCG:5:30 12 drops

Snack 6:30 organic fuji apple. yum

Dinner:Chuncky Chicken Chili -

105g. organic chicken breast seasoned w/ f&e; creole seasoning, 1 can organic stewed tomatoes, 1tbs chili powder, 1/2 tsp. onion powder, 1 tsp. dried garlic, salt, & braggs aminos.

Bedtime: 10:30

Other: b12
Cheating: 5g. extra chicken. (which is way better than justifying one of those popcorn chicken my kids were chomping on. ;)

Skin absorption of fat: while on hCG

The other day I was visiting the Facebook group yourhCG. There was a post about fat being absorbed through your hands while on hCG. Most people said that they wear GLOVES while preparing foods w/ fat for their families. I have not been doing that!I've never used lotion with oils, so I'm good with that thank goodness. ;)  I do remember wondering if the fat from the avocado I was preparing for my kids would absorb into my skin....then I never thought about it again. I do usually wipe my hands off right away, but I wonder if that was enough. From now on, I am going to be more careful about what food fat I get on my skin...and I'm going to try to put on some gloves. Phew. There are a lot of details involved with hCG huh!?!? 

Anyone have thoughts on this??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hcg phase 2 day 30

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
24 lbs.gone!

Reactions:  I am forgetting to eat. At the end of the day I hadn't remembered to eat my 2nd piece of fruit!!! Lately I've so not been hungry. It's weird for me to forget to eat! :) I"ll have to work on that.

Looking forward to: eating the fancy caramel candy in my pocket that i got as a sample from trader january i'll eat it if my kids don't find it first. :)

Woke up: 7:30

HCG:8:30 12 drops

HCG:12:50 12 drops
Lunch: 1:30 Steak N cucumbers-

100g. new york steak (trimmed)seasoned w/ fresh and easy creole and dried garlic 230g. organic cucumber w/ salt and garlic

HCG:6:00 12 drops 
Dinner:6:30 Halibut and Tomatoes. 

 100 g. Wild Alaskan Halibut w/fresh rosemary, all purpose seasoning  and onion powder, 150 g. plum tomatoes, salt. YUM! 

  • {It was the first time I've had halibut because at fresh and easy it's usually  $17/lb!!! I got it for $6/lb which is still $2 more than i usually pay for wild caught fish. It was $2/ lb better but I WOULD NEVER buy it at 17. It wasn't 4X better than the sole I buy at $4/lb!}
snack: 1 organic fuji apple

Bedtime:1:00 (visiting too late with friends) I know, I'm an idiot! No smooth move either.
Water:1,2,3,4,5 (liters) Yeah! I finally got extra water in.
Other: b12
Cheating: NONE

Monday, December 7, 2009

hCG phase 2 day 29 weight up!?!?

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
24 lbs.gone!
gain +1 lb.
Reactions:  i had a gain!?!?! that hasn't happened in a while! there could be several reasons, so I have NO clue why, but it's still fun to speculate.  here are my guesses:

#1 dehydration. I didn't drink enough yesterday due to fasting.
#2 I didn't have my morning b.m. maybe because i didn't eat my 2nd serving of vegetables.....which leads me to:
#3 maybe not enough calories {i might need to start counting again...and eat all the food i'm supposed to!
#4 maybe it's just time for a stall.
 250 is a weight I was at for quite some time. I actually feel very comfortable in my body at 250 { surprisingly enough.} I feel really good, comparatively speaking. All of my clothes are loose, my skin looks beautiful and I ACTUALLY HAVE A WAIST for the first time in a while! I'm excited to see what I feel like at 175!!!!  Can't wait! :)
Looking forward to: Cauliflower pizza! 
I've been seeing the recipe go around. Looks delicious! Anyone try it??
HCG:9:00 12 drops

Breakfast:10:30 orange

Lunch: 200g. yummy plum tomatoes while walking around at Costco.
4:00 80g. fresh canned crab w/ 1 tbs fresh salsa
lunch was really on the go to day.
HCG:3:50 12 drops
Snack: 5:00 orgainic fuji apple
HCG:6:30 12 drops 
Dinner:6:40 buffalo and spinach ____ g. ground buffalo steak, 200g. cooked organic spinach, franks hot sauce, 21, garlic, 1 tbs salsa.  
{ i don't know how much buffalo i had, because my husband had it cooked when i got home. I'm guessing and extra 30 grams. we were in a hurry to leave for my son's program so i just ate it. it was sure yummy!}

Bedtime:11:00- Chocolate smooth move
Other: b12
Cheating:  extra ground buffalo
Costco samples don't scare me!!! I went and wasn't even missing them. NO justifying, NO cheating. My kids ate the plethora of options while  I just snacked away on my delicious plum tomatos! YUM!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

hCG phase 2 day 28 25 lbs. down!!!

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
25 lbs.gone!
loss -1 lb.
Reactions:  I've reached the 25#  mark hooray! today I didn't follow the protocol very well because it was Fast Sunday. I was part of a fast from food and drink for 24 hours. During that time I was fasting with many of my faith on behalf of those who are dealing financial struggles due to the economy. I didn't eat or drink anything until 5:00. It was easy to not partake of food, thanks to hCG, but I was so thirsty! I ended up eating all 500 calories and only 3 liters of water instead of my required 4. I'm wondering if it will effect my losses tomorrow!?!? 
Looking forward to: more choices in the clearance section at target.

HCG:9:00 12 drops

HCG:11:00 12 drops

Lunch: fasting

HCG:4:45 12 drops
Snacks: 5:00 orgainic fuji

Dinner:6:00 Chicken and Purple Cabbage.
100 g. organic chicken, 200g. purple cabbage, 1 tbs fresh ginger pieces, sage, 21, 2 cloves garlic
6:45 100g wild caught sole (and noo 2nd serving vegi. ahh. i need to go to the store!!!!
Snacks: 8:00 orange

Bedtime:11:00- Chocolate smooth move + raspberry tea. YUMMY. ;)
Other: b12
Cheating:  N/A

Saturday, December 5, 2009

hCG phase 2 day 27 - People are noticing! Me too!!!

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
24 lbs.gone!
loss -10 oz.
For the first time, people who have no clue that I'm on this hCG protocol  are beginning to notice!!!! I saw my great aunt for the first time in 6 months and she told me that I was loosing weight. I told her, yes, yes I am! I'm tired of being fat! Then we talked about how weight causes health problems. Yes, it does. That's something I'm trying to avoid. That, and feeling tired all of the time, and pigging out at parties, and having my son ask me why i'm so fat, and my brother saying that I eat to much. I'm done with all of that!!! I"m not loosing weight for others viewing's for me. They'll just get the added bonus. :)
Looking forward to: 
not feeling squished when sitting in armed chairs. 
Out of bed: 8:00!
HCG: 8:45 11 drops
Breakfast: nada
HCG:11:00 12 drops
Snack: 1 organic fuji apple

Lunch:3:10 Grab n go Crab n tomatoes- 80g. fresh canned crab, 200g. plum tomatoes, salt.

Snacks: 3:00   JUICY orange. :)i'm so glad it's orange season!

HCG:9:45 12 drops

Dinner:9:55 Chicken n tomatoes -

100g. organic chicken, 120g. plum tomatoes, 1 tbs. house salsa, seasoned w/ 21 and Creaole seasoning. WOW. it was dang good (especially since I had waited so long to eat! 

Bedtime:11:00- Chocolate smooth move + raspberry tea. YUMMY. ;)
Water:1,2,3,4 i was running around so much i didn't drink enough h2o! i need to cram 2 liters in tonight and it's 10:00. ooopsie!

Other: more activity than usual. {that is if wandering around stores doing Christmas shopping counts1!}
Cheating:   N/A   
I missed dinner at the regular time since I was out shopping for too long and wasn't even slightly tempted by the many food choices on the shelf. I did look at the ingredients in a chicken salad. Boy did that chicken include a lot of things that weren't chicken! pathetic! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


 lately i've been very interested in the history of hcg. here are some links that i liked. i  was excited to learn of dr Dr. Daniel Oscar Belluscio who practices in argentina who has done recent studies.

i'm curious if  anyone  on my facebook support group knows how it's homeopathic hCG is created. .here's what i asked there:

Julie  I have been wondering how the hhCG is acquired. Is it a bio-identical hormone or is it extracted from the urine of pregnant women? OR is it done some other way? Do you have a link describing how it is processed? I'm sooo in LOVE with hCG that I could care less how it's done, I'm just curious!!! :) Anyone know?

 i'll find out soon and share. :)

for now, it's late, otherwise i'd write more about what i learned/think. later! ;) here are some links.

hCG phase 2 day 26

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
23 lbs. 6 oz. !!!
loss -1 lb
Reactions: Today I wasn't even mentally challenged. The food I ate was satisfying and filled me. As I looked at my children's taco salad I thought, "that will taste nice when I am allowed to eat that....and I just carried own. No lamentation or grief. :)  I love hCG!

Just to "brush up" my skills I read a bit from Pounds and Inches....and I got a little slap on the hand. I read the following passage:
  • The most tiresome patients are those who start counting calories and then come up with all manner of ingenious variations which they compile from their little books. When one has spent years of weary research trying to make a diet as attractive as possible without jeopardizing the loss of weight, culinary geniuses who are out to improve their unhappy lot are hard to take.

I am constantly looking for ways to tweek things. A little tbs. of salsa does wonders for my meal. I am still trying to decide what I will and will not do. Rice vinegar or not??? A teensy bit of salsa or not???? Some green onions chopped into my cabbage salad or not??? A large piece of chocolate truffle cheesecake or not???? {Just kidding about the cheesecake!} Why not just be content???  I ask myself. Why not live this comparatively short ordeal the best way possible? I think I will try harder. But after I write that, a little guy jumps up onto my shoulder and says, "hey, it's just a minuscule amount of legal foods and a weensy weensy bit of jalapeno. a little bit won't hurt." Now, i just have to decide which guy to listen to!!!!
Looking forward to:feeling less of a bulge under my chin.

Out of bed: 7:30!
HCG: 8:00 11 drops
Breakfast: nada
HCG:12:00 12 drops
Snack: 1 JUICY orange. :)

Lunch:1:30 Spicy Beef Curry Stew - 

100g. well rinsed organic ground beef, fresh thyme 3 roma tomatoes, turmeric, cumin, garlic,Braggs, 21. + a few drops of stevia (added after cooking).

Snacks: 3:00 organic fuji apple
HCG:5:00 12 drops

Dinner: Chicken n spinach - 100g. organic chicken, 3c. cooked spinach, 2tbs. house salsa, seasoned w/ 21 and Creaole seasoning. 

Bedtime:12:20 { what is wrong w/ me!!!} i'm going to set a timer for my computer to shut of at 10. That will help immensely!- Chocolate smooth move + raspberry tea. YUMMY. ;)
Other: b12
Cheating:  Zilch.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hCG phase 2 Day 25

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
21 lbs. 4 oz. !!!
loss -1 lb 2 oz!!!
Reactions: I am really strong, but I really eat some fat, and sugar, and beans, and pancakes, and cheesecake, and pumpkin pie and peanut butter and butter period. Oh how being on hCG is just like life. The bitter with the sweet. The thorn on the rose. The AMAZING WEIGHTLOSS AND WONDERFUL FEELING IN MY BODY accompanied by the longing for some missing excitment in food. Don't get me wrong. The food I cook is DELICIOUS to me and I really enjoy eating and preparing it. Oh...and I love that when I eat it properly, the scale is my friend. I'm just missing the stuff I love (way too much) a bit more than usual today. BUT IT'S SOOOO WORTH IT!!!
Looking forward to:Being able to easily buckle the bindings on my ski boots around my not as thick ankles. :)

Out of bed: 7:00! 

HCG: 8:00 11 drops
Breakfast: 2 packs mixed berry tea,chamomile, + stevia
HCG:11:25 12 drops

Snacks: 2:00 apple  5:15 orange 2 pack blueberry tea
HCG:4:00 12 drops

Dinner: Fish n Onions...not too pretty but yummy. i like my fish cooked well. This is wild caught sole I buy at costco.

Bedtime:11:00- Chocolate smooth move + raspberry tea. YUMMY. ;)
Other: b12
Cheating: NONE AT ALL. I ordered del taco chicken soft tacos and didn't even bat an eye. I did however take a really, really long sniff of one. For some reason, that makes me feel much better. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

hCG phase 2 Day 24

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
21 lbs. 4 oz. !!!
loss -10 oz
Reactions:Thinking a lot about reprogramming my thought processes about weight. 
Looking forward to: Having a greater selection of clothes when I go shopping!!!!! 
Out of bed: 7:00! 
HCG: 8:00 10 drops

Breakfast: 2 packs mixed berry tea,chamomile, yerba mate tea + stevia
HCG: 12:25 10 drops
Lunch:1:00 Crab n cucumber/tomatoes. i started eating a cucumber and stopped 1/2 way through cause is was NASTY!!!!!!

Snacks: 2:00  4:15

HCG: 9:30

Bedtime:12:00 ahhh bad girl!- Chocolate smooth move + mixed berry tea. YUMMY. ;)

Other: b12
Cheating: ZIPPO

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

muscle testing

lately i've been trying to decide how many hCG drops to take. people all over the place take different amounts within a certain range. i've either taken 11 or 12 drops 3 times a day, but have no clue what is best. then, today when perusing my fav. hCG blogs, Jay was addressing the very same subject using muscle testing.

i am going to start taking:

10 drops 
3 times a day .

 when i tested, i asked the the question, "how many drops of hCG should I take per day? (after which i listed several different numbers,)

yes, this seems a little phoo phoo-ish but i've used muscle testing several times before and think it works.

post edit: sooooo, i've still been trying to decide my opinion on this. it seems a bit inconsistent. i'm not sure what i think. any ideas???

hCG phase 2 day 23

Starting weight:
Today's weight
Total Loss:
20 lbs. 10 oz. !!!
loss -8 oz
Reactions: I battled some negative thoughts about gaining weight back today, but am working on reprograming the thoughts that have been programmed into my head for over a decade! My old mantra, " There's no point to loose weight because I'll just gain it back" is getting reprogrammed with, " my body will be able to maintain the weight loss just like I maintain weight now!
Looking forward to: Jumping without my body fat going in several different directions. Out of bed: 7:30! 

HCG: 8:00 12 drops

Breakfast: 2 packs mixed berry tea,chamomile, yerba mate tea + stevia
HCG: 12:25 12 drops

Lunch:1:00 Crab n Tomatoes  80g. canned fresh crab, 250g. fresh tomatoes, 1 fresh garlic cloves, a bit of cilantro, 21 seasoning salute, Braggs liquid aminos. YUMMY!

Snacks: 2:00  4:15 None. I sooooo forgot  oops!

HCG: 5:30

Dinner: Ground Buffalo Steak N Spinach 

+ 1 tbs salsa, tumeric, cumin, fresh garlic.YUM!

Bedtime:12:00- BAD GIRL GO TO BED!!!
Chocolate smooth move + mixed berry tea. YUMMY. ;)
Other: b12
Cheating: NONE AT ALL.  I was better today and did not cheating! No licks even!!! I'm so impressed :)