Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Round 2 Phase 4 Day 5 (random thoughts)

I officially ended Phase 3  on Friday and started adding starches and sugar and I am still maintaining!
Yesterday when walking I was so happy to feel so much more energy from a tiny bit of added starch. After about 45 minutes walking I had a sudden urge to sprint. And I did! It felt wonderful! I kind of shocked myself.

I have only 5 more weeks till I can start hCG again!
May 14th I'll begin round 3! 


Last round, I was more reckless and went a bit hog wildon the starches and sugars when I was let out of the comforts of the hcg "pin."

This time I am being way more careful!!!

 Because I have been suspecting that GLUTEN causes me to gain weight, I'm not eating ANY gluten for 2 weeks to see how I do.
 Do you know how much junk you can not eat if you are not eating gluten???

At a party last night that was pot luck, there was not a single dessert I could enjoy.

And I was glad.
 It's sort of masequistic, but I have wished before that I had a real gluten allergy.
 But for now, I'm just going to see how my body does with out it!

I wanted to cry when I woke up to fresh baked coconut almond muffins on Sunday that I had pledged not to eat.
Luckily I was strong and withstood.

After that morning, my husband even promised me he wouldn't grind any more flour for baked goods for that time period for which I am thankful!

 On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I only added ONE serving of starch at lunch time.

Then yesterday (Monday) I added another serving of starch


One serving of organic dark chocolate.


It was delicious, but to my dismay, within 30 minutes I developed a headache and pain right behind my eyes!

How's that for cause and effect!?!?!?

Chocolate and I have a love hate relationship!

I don't think that chocolate will effect the scale, but i MUST remember what it does to my poor little brain!

I felt yuck for several hours, which I DID NOT LIKE....despite the yumminess off that chocolate (and I usually don't even like dark chocolate!)

So today, I'm going to avoid sugar because I don't want another headache....but I can't tell you what I'll do tomorrow!

I suppose I should just stick w/ the chocolate bark made with stevia.


Lisa, motyok said...

Have you ever made muffins with coconut flour? Gluten free and pretty darn yummy.

Angie Larkin said...

Yay! I'm glad the maintaining is working. You look great! Love checking in on your blog now and then. Nic's cousins came over last night and he lost 60 lbs in round 1! He looks totally different. Crazy!