Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still here...still happy!

I am no longer following the hhCG protocol whatsoever but I am still oh so happy with my weight. I am amazed that it is so stable.

For some reason I didn't weigh for almost a week then got on the scale today and am STABLE! I stepped on hopping for the worst but was pleasantly surprised. I am so happy that the weight I lost is staying off, especially that women at this stage of pregnancy aren't expected to gain much. I'm up to 224, but that is perfect for me. :) 

I didn't have a "perfect" week at ALL. I need to keep reminding myself what is or isn't healthy, but when I do eat things I try to avoid, I don't go crazy style on them! At a party I have a teensy scoop of ice cream instead of full servings. I'm just so tickled to have changed so much...for the better. :)  I am still constantly getting compliments and feel wonderful.

I tell anyone that wants to listen how wonderful hCG is!

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