Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 WEEKS update!

I copied this correspondence from the hCG yahoo group that I love and still read. My posts share how things are going for me if you are interested. ;)

I Shared:
I have long since stopped following the protocol since I am 7 months pregnant but I am really glad that I still read these digests. I still have much to learn! HCG did wonders for my body and I look forward to the day after nursing that I can do it again! ;)

I really enjoyed the dialogue about about Splenda and Nutrasweet. It was very informative and I loved learning more about the harmful nature of Nutrasweet from Dr. Shannon, even if I long ago decided not to ingest chemicals. ;) It's great to have the opinion of Medical Professionals who are knowledgeable about nutrition...not just pharmaceuticals.


Also, I just wanted to share that over the past year I have really grown to enjoy stevia in liquids where I don't notice the bitterness at all. (I use it in baked goods in only as a small percentage .)

Best wishes to all!


Christine's reply:
Wow Julie, has it been seven months already, you are almost done with this pregnancy.  Can I ask you how you have done with weight gain after using hhCG I am just curious, and is this your first baby?

My update of how things are going:
Hi Christine! It's always nice to read your posts. I love the real life experience you share. ;) My pregnancy HAS gone fast! This is my fourth child and I have wonderful pregnancies. My only complaint in feeling exhausted during the 1st and 3rd trimesters. :)

As far as my weight goes, I'm up 20 lbs and am 30 weeks along (April 1st. start date). On hCG I went from 274 to 222 then stabilized at 224 in the very beginning of my pregancy. Now I am 244. It's a little bit more than I'd like to have gained but I'm very happy where I am at. (The funny thing is that I have not gained any weight since Sept 1st which is when I was diagnosed with a milk allergy and have been mostly good at avoiding dairy...which is HARD because I love cheese!)  I did gain a bit less then my pregnancies where I started at 265, but considering I had just come off of 2 rounds of hCG I am pleased!!! What a wonderful thing it is to have the confidence that I can loose another 50lbs when it's time for this baby to be done nursing!  :) Following the hCG protocol is so worth it.


This me on September 4th at 244 and  22 weeks pregnant.

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