Thursday, April 8, 2010

still here

still happy

still maintaining

still loving p3 food.

still 222. (actually 221.6 today but i love that 222 number. :)

still waiting with anticipation for the time when I can start another round of  hCG!

STILL delighted when i see a picture of myself and i'm a bit taken aback that it's actually me looking so good!


B said...

Looking ABSOLUTELY goregeous, my dear!

Mark said...

Hey daughter how often do you add to your blog? Nice picturespre

Anonymous said...

You definitely look happy! Good luck with continued success/maintaining until the next round!

Lis said...

Wonderful photo - you are looking fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Julie-You do look fantastic and incredibly happy! It feels wonderful, doesn't it?!?!
Meagan :o)

i said...

THANKS!!! i just can't wait to start again! ;)