Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Minus 50 lbs!

Starting weight Nov. 6, 2009:
Starting Weight this round:
(after loading)
Today's weight
Total Loss: 50.2 lbs.
Today's Loss: 2 lbs.
Loss this round: 26.4 lbs.

Hooray! I'm part of the 50lbs lost club! And I don't think one even exists! 
No matter, I'm still so happy. I love to look in the mirror and see such a drastic change!
Reactions: TOM is hardly here at all. Going back on drops.  I've also swithed to PHP brand hcg sold by Homeopathic Weightloss Meathod. From what I hear they work the same. They also only cost $27/ 20oz. bottle.
Looking forward to: more of this loosing stuff! 
Out of bed: 7:40
Exercise: none
HCG: 8:00 15 drops
Breakfast: MY STORED FAT...
Snack:1:35  orange yumminess- {i shared it with my mom not on hCG and she even LOVED it.}
Lunch:  3:30 around 80g. cooked shrimp and 4 romas with the usual seasoning
HCG: 2:00 hCG 25 drops
Dinner:6:45 1 organic cucumber to to while driving.
HCG: 8:40  20 drops
Snack:9:30 small organic fuji and 150g. chicken.
Water: didn't measure today...less than a gallon:not good!
Cheating: extra chicken that i was cooking up way tooo late at night. i ran out of my pre cooked frozen pacs. and had to be gone till late tonight so i was overly hungry. 


Lis said...

Hooray for you!! 50 is Fantastic!! Your photos are great - looking good! :)

Anonymous said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! Congrats!

B said...

YAY!!!! You look AH-MAZING!! Wonderful!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy that it could almost be me that lost it!!

Karen Stewart said...

gOod job, I am proud of you! Your clothes lok like they are about to fall off of you! You look amazing and I keep running into people who have seen you and they all say how great you look! I say yeah she does look great! Your an amaxing person though with or without those 50!

i said...

Thanks for all of the nice words.

Also, Thanks for the comment Karen. . I don't get a lot of feedback from people around Church, so it's nice to hear even second hand. I am off in my own little Nursery Worker land and just get looks in the halls like they see that something is happening. :)

Jeremy and ShaLayne said...

GREAT JOB!!! You look amazing.

Steph Sullins said...

Wow!!! You are doing an amazing job of freeing the fat!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to have that feeling like I have just dropped 2 small children off my body. Congrats, you look amazing! I was just a bittle heavier than you during my start point. I am hoping for even half your results and I will be on top of the world.