Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Round 2 Phase 2 Day 40 {bags are packed...almost done w/ this leg of the journey}

Starting weight Nov. 6, 2009:
Starting Weight this round:
(after loading)
Today's weight
Total Loss: 52.8 lbs.
Today's Loss: .2 lbs.
Loss this round: 29.6 lbs. 
A piddly minus -.2????
I'll take it!!!!
Any loss is better than the NOTHING that happened 5 days in a row after the charts said 224 Last Tuesday!
Finally, On Sunday the scale said 223 then yesterday 222. 
Thank goodness!

I'm definitely feeling trunky here. 
Losses have been wonderful, but lately it's slow. 
Maybe it is the 100g. ground beef I ate 3x since Saturday! 
Otherwise I've been very good. 
Well, except for the poor sleep habits which I've yet to conquer! 
Oh yeah. Then there was that tiny sample of corned beef I sampled at Trader Joe's. 
Beef is allowed, right?
Wrong! (When sugar is one of the ingredients!)

Luckily, as I dream about cheese and homemade ranch dressing and avocados, 
I'm not hungry AT ALL!!!!
No real cravings even. 
I have to remind myself to eat. 
That's weird to me. 
It's 3:30 and all I've had is tomatoes and water. 
And I'm full! 
At this point I feel like I could stay on this for many weeks to come. 
Too bad!

Da rules is da rules. 

Some things I am looking forward to on p3: 
Butter, oil, butter, luscious salad, cauliflower, broccoli, watermelon, pears, nuts, and a nice rib eye once in a while! ;)

Feeling happy about: The fact that my regular size bath towel GOES ALL THE WAY AROUND MY REAR!  Been a long time since it could do that!!! Hooray!

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Lisa, motyok said...

You have done amazing on round 2. I only hope my second round has near that loss!