Sunday, February 14, 2010

Round 2 Phase 2 Day 10

Starting weight Nov. 6, 2009:
Starting Weight this round:
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Today's weight
Total Loss:33.8 lbs.
Today's Loss: 1.2 lbs.
Loss this round: 11.8 lbs.

 The first Valentine's Day in my life where 
I ate NO sugar!  
Reactions: There were dozens and dozens of beautiful cupcakes glaring at me during the after church gathering, and I just stared back.

It was very, very hard for me, but I felt good for not giving in to my cravings. The old adage came to mind, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels." This time, when that went through my head, instead of thinking, "well, right now, this will taste good so I will eat it anyway," I agreed. Thin DOES feel better than that cupcake would have tasted and I actually have the willpower not to give in thanks to this amazing protocol. I feel both physical and mental empowerment when I am on this plan. I don't even want to know what kind of downward spiral 1 dumb cupcake could put me into.
I even saved a couple in my freezer for 8 weeks from now when I'm not on this super strict diet and my body could handle a small treat. Maybe I won't even feel like eating it by then, but probably not. Right now, I feel empowered....I just hope the scale rewards me tomorrow! 

Looking forward to: The soon to be freezer burned little cupcakes. :)
Out of bed: 7:30
Exercise: It was the perfect Valentine's Day! 
HCG: 8:30 14 drops
Breakfast: MY STORED FAT...and  a lemon in water w/ stevia. YUMMY! 
HCG:3:30 14 drops
Lunch:3:30 Buffalo cabbage saute': 100g. buffalo steak, 400g. cabbage, bragg's. My favorite!

Snacks: 3:30 Orange Heaven!
HCG:5:15 14 drops
Dinner: 6:30 100g. Chicken and 300g. organic lettuce. w/ mustard/acv/water/braggs/garlic dressing. Still tweeking the dressing.
Snacks: 7:00 1/2 grapefruit 
Bedtime:11:15, but it was worth it.
Water: 1 Gallon
Other:smooth move @ bedtime, Stash acai herbal tea
Cheating: NONE!!!!


DIVA said...

Way to go!! :)
I started my 500 calorie diet today. I hope to lose at least 30 lbs. when I'm done with this round. Do you know what happened to the Facebook group?

i said...

diva, are you keeping a blog to track you progress. if so, i'd love to see. GOOD LUCK getting through the 1st week. after that it's a lot easier. i don't know about the facebook group. it looked fine when i was there this morning. ;)